Sunday, April 22, 2012

Welcome back, me!

FINALLY! A new post after how many months?!

Anyways, since winter break, I've been busy working on my own 3D animated short for 353B and helping out on a friend's short, Telly. Please check that out! My name is missing, but I did work on it. Spare time has been rare this semester and if found, the time was spent being a human and just lounging around resting my poor eyes (my prescription worsened last semester, but it's inevitable considering the time spent in front of a computer screen).  

This past week, a guest speaker came into class and is giving us a two-week demo on how to use Mudbox. He gave us a Skeksis head and we had to texture it. I'm not sure if I'm going to finish it, but for my first Mudbox experience, I really enjoyed it!

After working on the Skeksis, I was curious to watch The Dark Crystal and see what this Skeksis was all about (it was interesting watching a 1982 Jim Henson puppet movie, lol). As I was watching the movie, I was working on lil guy. I haven't worked on anything just for the heck of it in.... I don't know how long. But definitely way too long. This is Max! He is one of my three dogs and he's the hoodiest hoodlum of them all. A real rebel. He's the newest addition to the family and he's 8 years old. Not quite house trained's a slow and agonizing process. Anthony likes to call him Maxipad. 

The other two hoodlums will make their appearance in the upcoming weeks! :)