Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Start of Something New

Alrighty everyone, welcome to my first post!

Looking back and searching for what to share made me nostalgic of my Disney days pasting at the Silhouette shop (a place where each and every one of you should visit at one time or another :P). When there are no guests, the shop is a wonderful window into the world of unknowing passerbys.

A few sketches from PMC's life drawing nights at school. Hopefully, I can enjoy more of these next semester :)

Oh, and then there's this. My Intro to Traditional Animation final from Fall 2010.

And a note to self: Let's update regularly, so keep working and drawing!




  1. Your animation is solid! almost perfect. The story and characters are so cute, haha it has style and a nice feel, great job (:

  2. Oooh, that little animation was really good!! And so glad that you'll be updating regularly; everyone should be doing that!! :D